How do I start with my website?

You have your business for years and you start or plan to get a larger market range and suddenly someone asked you if you have a website and you suddenly stop and think “Should I give him my outdated website or should I tell him I don’t have one yet?”. It’s a scenario most business owners that started out back in the 90’s together with people who wants to go and start an online business share.

It has come to an age where having a website for your business is a necessity since a lot of people are now searching online for stuff they need. It is also a common knowledge that the internet holds a large market. It is time to let the internet know what your business is all about, but how do you start?

Create a Site Plan. Plan your business site before you start building. The steps below will help you out:

Plan your business site before you start building

The Site Purpose - What is the point of this website?
The Site Goals - What is the smartest goal of the site?
The Customers - Who is going to read this website their age, hobbies, income, job title(s), and so on?
The Content - What will be on the site? Will the content change regularly? 
The Design - What colors will your site be? What design is fit for my demographics?
The Timeline - What is my schedule for testing, revision, and user feedback?

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