Manage your online reputation

You do ads every year on newspapers and invest on brochures and flyers then suddenly your sales drop down, costing more than what you paid the ads for, all because of one bad customer review. In this time your reputation is held by facebook, twitter, yelp, google and yahoo.

So you saw that there are some negative feedbacks to your business. What do you do to remove bad press from Search Engines without using online reputation management?

The answer is — you don’t.

Suing “anonymous” people could cost more in sales and customer loyalty than it would cost an SEO Optimization Company to bury the complaint sites. 

Bad press usually appears when consumers search for your product or brand name, so focus your online reputation management keywords on company-specific keywords. You would do well to implement bad press removal tactics that would displace any negative search results whether they are relevant to you specifically or the other site.

In online reputation management, the goal is content displacement rather than removal. Online reputation management companies also explore legal avenues to accomplish this task.

focus your online reputation management keywords on company-specific keywords

You can also ask your customers to send and give you feedback either by letter or online. You may hire someone to do this of course but real people give more credibility to your name and business.

Giving online rewards and promos also give you the attention and people would be talking about you. This makes people more generous in giving you positive comments.

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