Untapped Market: Seniors

Marketing to Seniors? People think that unless you were selling creams, ointments, medicines, medical insurance, or burial insurance, there is no point in targeting the senior market. 

After all, seniors live on their monthly Social Security check and have no purchasing. Seniors don't own computers much less know how to navigate the Internet.  Wrong!

Marketing to seniors actually makes good business sense. Why?
Seniors control on average 70% of the disposable income in the United States (www.census.gov).  One-third of the nation controls two-thirds of the spending capital.  Put more simply... Seniors Buy More! Seniors actually purchase 25% of all toys.

If that surprises you, then the senior market for your product/service may also be a shock.

Seniors need many of the same services and products of other age group.  They are however, smarter and do their research better than most other potential clients.  Thus they research more and go for brands who they think they could trust. In other words they are more careful with who they do business with and want to know more about you.

If you give them the information that they are looking for and offer them more information than they expect and much more than your competition, you are at least going to get an opportunity since they will trust you. Perks is you gain their most valuable characteristic: their loyalty.

gain their most valuable characteristic: their loyalty

One of the qualities of seniors is they value money. They understand the value of money not spent. You could give special senior discounts and it will bring you additional business.  If you offer deals to seniors, let them know and they will be all over your business.  Don't hide great deals.

Senior discounts aren't always possible or reasonable, but in many cases, they are, so think about it because your market may just go to your competition.

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